Sweet Beginnings

It’s delicious and classic and fresh all at once-- the perfect send off to your happily ever after, with compliments of your neighborhood bakery.

Every wedding cake from The Cakery is made from scratch with life’s finer ingredients, like imported Belgian chocolate, creamy European style butter and locally sourced fruit and eggs. You and your guests won't soon forget this cake. 

Come in for a sampling and choose one of our signature designs for effortless sophistication at the friendliest price. Once you have tasted the cake and are ready to move forward with an order, please contact us with a reserve your day form below or a follow up email! We couldn’t be happier to make cake for you!

The Cakery Collection

Two tier Round cakes

4” top/6” bottom, 18 servings = $75

5” top/8” bottom, 32 servings = $195

6” top/8” bottom, 36 servings = $215

7” top/8” bottom, 40 servings = $240

7” top/10” bottom, 52 servings = $315

8” top/10” bottom, 60 servings = $360

Three Tier Round Cakes

4”/5”/6”, 28 servings = $175

4”/6”/8”, 38 servings = $250

6”/7”/8”, 52 servings = $325

5”/8”/9”, 62 servings = $385

6”/8”/10”, 72 servings = $475

8”/10”/12”, 116 servings = $725

Kitchen Cakes

We offer our undecorated square cakes (for easy cutting!) as supplemental slices to our tiered cake.

6” square, serves 18 = $36

8” square, serves 32 = $60

10” square, 50 servings = $96

Cake sizes are 1” by 2” by 4.5-5” (the height of the cake is typically 4.5-5”).

Single or Tall layers

Please refer to our everyday menu for single layer pricing.

Tall layers are typically six layers of cake of the same size. Inquiry about price.


We offer deliveries within the Portland area for $75. For weddings outside of the city we base the fee on the distance from the cake shop. Cakes under $250 are for pick up only. We will carefully box all cakes for safe transporting.

Please send us a note if you are looking for another size or square tiered cakes.

We love fresh and fondant flowers! We can arrange them on your cakes for an additional fee.

Are you looking for a truly unique cake for your special day? We would love to create something extraordinary for you. Our pricing minimum is $350 for custom designs. Please send us a note with your ideas!

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